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Small band-aids (Two Pack)

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"To safeguard the well-being and contentment of your pet:"


  • Safeguards wounds against scratching, insect bites, and potential secondary infections.
  • Facilitates wound ventilation while providing protection from external elements.
  • Features elevated, non-adhesive coverage to promote swift and uninterrupted healing.

This package of two bandages is versatile, adhering to all areas of your pet, including clean, dry fur (though shaving is recommended for optimal contact).

Representing a Swedish innovation, these bandages are crafted from medical-grade materials. They are suitable for all furry companions.

Red Healer serves as the exclusive distributor for Australasia. Additional adhesive attachments are available for areas requiring enhanced flexibility and mobility.

Small band-aids (Two Pack)
Small band-aids (Two Pack)
Small band-aids (Two Pack)
Small band-aids (Two Pack)