Wombat Mange Trial

Wombat Mange before and after

After application of Red Healer's prototype Wombat Formula (P:XXXX)

Red Healer are sponsoring a natural trial to treat a severe form of Mange which is now threatening the majority of Wombats in Australia

The mite that affects wombats, often fatally, is the Sarcoptic Scabiei.

Symptoms are inflammation, skin thickening and crusting ( hyperkeratosis and parakeratosis) over the body, including around the eye and ear areas causing blindness and deafness. The animal becomes too weak to search for food and malnutrition and dehydration occurs. In advanced stages, ulcers and deep lesions can develop which then cause secondary infection which is exacerbated by blowfly strike. This then can affect internal organs, including the heart, liver, kidneys, lungs and reproductive organs. Respiratory infections and pneumonia can deplete the wombat further.

Wombat MangeAt this stage, the usually nocturnal wombats are often found in daylight confused and in poor condition attempting to maintain condition by grazing out of their normal nocturnal feeding cycle.

Left without treatment a wombat with mange may die a slow and painful death.

Red Healer has formulated a custom natural, sprayable prototype (P:XXXX)  with increased anti-inflammatory, acaricide, repellent and other constituents, especially for this wombat mange trial.

    Preliminary trials have been very promising and approval has been given for the trial to start by the Tasmanian AEC, the APVMA and DPIPWE.

This is a new product under development and not yet registered or available to the public.

Wombat Mange