Stockists and Marketing

We are very proud of our stockists and we aim to provide all the assistance we can with the marketing of the Red Healer products. When you become a Red Healer stockist we will make sure that you are armed with a display stand full of product and signage to assist you in the sales of this product. As our product range grows we will have additional items available for you.

red healer product range1Marketing Materials for Red Healer Creams include;

  • Complimentary POS Material
  • Counter displays with before and after photos
  • Holds¬† 3x 250g and 8 100g Red Healer Creams

Corflute advertising signage with before and after photos

3 sizes available


Andrew Eilers

If you would like to become a supplier or you would like to make an order in South Australia, then please contact Andrew
Ph. 0414 933 755