Professional Testimonials


This is a voluntary statement:
I have personally found this product to be astonishingly successful and unhesitatingly testify to its rapid effectiveness.
A neighbour’s 13 year old dog visited me daily for some years for a regular meal.

Its initial condition was extensive mange on the hind legs, tail and half it’s back. After treating it liberally with Red Healer Cream it was completely healed and growing fresh hair after ten days.

This has not been an isolated incident.

The Honourable Jack Hallam

 NSW Minister for Agriculture 1980-88
Former leader of Government NSW
Legislative Council
Former Leader of the Opposition
NSW Legislative Council
Former Minister for Lands and Forests
NSW Government

Former Sheep and Rice farmer

For further information please do not hesitate to contact me




As a small business owner, I’m very cautious about giving testimonials and am generally skeptical of the glowing reviews some products receive online.
We are an independent pet shop in Tweed Heads and our customers often come to us for advice in non urgent situations, before heading off to the vet.
One of the most common problems we see is in relation to skin problems – itchy, flaky, dry, inflamed skin often associated with hair loss and self harming in dogs and cats.
Vets will often prescribe cortisone which quickly alleviates the symptoms, but can cause problems in the long term.
Since we’ve had Red Healer cream available, we’ve been overwhelmed by the demand for this natural healing solution.
Customers frequently bring friends or relatives in to buy it because, having used it on their own dogs, they know it works.
It has also been helpful for a rabbit who’d lost all the hair between his toes.
I applied some from my own supply to the rough red skin and the owner was back the next day demanding to buy some.

It sells itself.

If you want to contact me to verify that I’m a real person, my contact details are as follows:
Desleigh Monaghan
Tweed Pet Kingdom.
112 Minjungbal Drive
Tweed Heads South NSW.

0755241355 or 0411427645




So often when searching for horse products, I’ve come across products that are neither “horse strength” or designed to be exposed to the elements.

The beauty of this product is that it is both of those things and more!

I found great results on both of my horses. One suffers from rain scald, which was quickly and easily cleared up with one application!

The other suffers from severe QLD itch, she lives in a full hooded rug with ears and a fly veil 24/7, 365 days a year. Although it’s not possible to cure her itch, she finds great relief in this cream. She loves to rip her rugs and find magical ways to get out of them, which result in her getting bitten from ear to hoof. Without this cream, this is a never ending cycle of her scratching until her rug comes off and me putting it back on. Popping this cream on under her rug gives her instant relief and she stops scratching! The scabs and sores heal up quickly and she is a happy girl again!

I will continue using this cream for a long time to come, I love having it on hand!


Paws, Claws & All




Hi Peter,
Firstly thank you for coming into our store and introducing us to the Red Healer products.
We have had such great results and customer feedback we are blown away.
Personally we have used a tub in store on a puppy that had an unknown rash that was not bacterial and nothing was helping him but the Red Healer balm took care of the rash and it was gone within a few days.
We have had a customer who has used every medical option under the sun and has even had cortisone shots on his puppy with no avail and within a few applications of the cream his dog is getting better and he now swears by this product.
We are already getting customers coming in who have been told by friends that have purchased it coming in and buying it.
We look forward to supporting you in all the Red Healer products and look forward to seeing how many other pups we can help out on the coast.

Kirsty J
Pet Crazy
Robina QLD
(07) 5585 2300




My name is Iona Rossley From Zara Arabians

I have used the  Red Healer Cream  on 2 of my horses for the treatment of Qld itch. I had previously used other products including Organica  and aloe Vera gel which had little affect.

Red Healer cream was started on 25 th June on Charlie my palomino and used daily. By 20 th July his skin had completely cleared up and he was a much happier horse.. It was amazing. My other Appaloosa horse Tango had sore inflamed skin also so I tried Red Healer on him on 3rd of July, it has started healing well and the redness has completely gone, I’m still using the cream on him.. I am so pleased with the cream I will be highly recommending it to all of my friends and colleagues in the horse industry..


Wow the new Red Healer Equine Spray works even faster now!!

“This natural QLD Itch spray from Red Healer is amazing

These horses are usually rugged near all year round and have severe lesions ( including even under their rugs!)

The itching stopped after the very first application and all the QLD Itch lesions were clear on all the horses within two weeks

After having to either cover or spray dawn and dusk previously our horses are clear and stay clear with only a once a week spray”

Zara Arabians

Iona Rossely

Zara Arabians

183 Zara Rd Zara NSW




We have been using Red Healer products with our horses for their itchy skin with amazing results. The horses are happier and their skin is soft.  We use this product on all areas of the horses and they absolutely love it! We use this product without gloves and our hands are in fantastic shape. Highly recommend this product to clear up any itch on horses from a tiny mark to the entire backline.


Kimberley Lyons

Numinbah Valley Adventure Trails QLD




I have been using Red Healer cream on my Staffy girl for several months. Sassie came to me as a rescue dog.   She had been horrifically injured in a car accident, and her back is permanently scarred. The scar tissue is fragile and very dry.

I put a very small amount of the Red Healer cream on the scar tissue every second day. This has prevented the skin from splitting with movement, and has kept the scar tissue soft and supple.


This same dog has been diagnosed with Atopic Dermatitis. Her body temperature is very high, and she feels hot to touch. This condition causes chronic skin rashes, and intolerable itching and an unfortunate strong “doggie” smell. The vet recommended euthanasia to prevent her suffering. However, I had just acquired a jar of Red Healer cream, and it was decided to let me try the cream before making a final decision


The cream says to be applied twice daily, and this I did at first. The results were immediate. The scabs and brilliant skin redness cleared up. She no longer scratched at herself. The doggie smell disappeared immediately. From going to having to bath the dog at least twice weekly, she has now not had a bath in months.

Now, several months onwards, I am down to applying the cream once a day. A matter of a couple of minutes work, along with the appropriate “rewards” of course. One day I apply the cream to the scar, the next to the chest and armpits and ears. This seems to be sufficient to have a systemic effect.


She no longer scratches. She smells like a lady. The scar tissue is soft and supple, She no longer has red broken skin, or scabs. The cream appears to work throughout her body, no matter where it is applied.


Joan Eccleshare
Animal Photonic therapist
Tyalgum NSW.




My name is Amanda De Warren and I am Australia’s leading animal communicator with a weekly column “The Animal Whisperer”  in Australia’s no 1 women’s magazine the Australian Woman’s Day.

I personally have tried and tested the new Red Healer cream on my own pet and found it to be an amazing all natural product which is Australian Made and owned. I have also recommended it to many of my clients who all report back to me how quickly their pets have recovered from even the most severe of skin problems.

I can highly recommend this wonderful product knowing that it does exactly what it says it will do and it will take the suffering from our much loved pets.