About Us

As Australian as Red Healer

Red Healer is an Australian Company that specialises in the research and development of natural Canine and Equine skin products.

Our innovative and highly researched product range of natural topical creams and sprays are scientifically designed to support healthy skin and coats in Canines and Equines. The creams and sprays are formulated to complement each other.


Red Healer and the Community

Red Healer have provided complimentary products and advice for TWEED FRIENDS OF THE POUND  and ARCTIC BREED RESCUE  who we feel do a lot of good work without recompense or recognition ( Please support these good guys !)

Sassie Buddy
Sassie - Tweed Friends of the Pound Dog Buddy - Arctic Breed Dog

Red Healer is also sponsoring a trial to try and save the Australia Wombats from extinction due to a particularly aggressive Mange ( see Link)


So don’t delay........ think     RED HEALER